Bootstrap your Rollkit Sovereign Rollup

Bootstrap your Rollkit Sovereign Rollup

Step 1: Install Ignite Version 28.4.0

Begin by installing the required version of Ignite.

Follow these steps to bootstrap your blockchain:

ignite scaffold chain gm --address-prefix gm --minimal --skip-proto

Navigate to your new blockchain directory:

cd gm

Step 2: Install local-da

Local DA needs to be running in the background in order for the rollkit app the be running on your localhost.

What is Local DA?
Local DA implements the go-da interface over a Local Data Availability service.

It is intended to be used for testing DA layers without having to set up the actual services.

Get started with these commands:

git clone && cd local-da
make build

Step 3: Install Ignite App Rollkit

Next, open a new terminal window to install and run Ignite App Rollkit
Install the Rollkit Ignite App with the following command:

ignite app install

Step 4: Add Rollkit Features

Enhance your blockchain by adding Rollkit features:

ignite rollkit add

Step 5: Initialize Your Blockchain

Prepare your blockchain for startup by initializing it with Rollkit:

ignite rollkit init --local-da

Step 6: Start Your Blockchain

Finally, start your blockchain using the command below:

gmd start --rollkit.aggregator --rollkit.da_address http://localhost:7980

Your blockchain should now be up and running with Rollkit features integrated.